6 steps to design a Christmas greeting card online

6 steps to design a Christmas greeting card online

The fall season has arrived. In no time, we’ll catch Christmas peeking through our windows. Christmas celebrations have a sense of grandeur to them—people from around the world decorate, travel, buy presents and spend time with their families to happily say goodbye to the ending year. Here, we are going to discuss about the 6 steps to design a Christmas greeting card online.

People write cards as a classic way to send their greetings to each other, but this tradition deems boring and meaningless when one only buys one of the commonplace designs and sends it over.

In old times, written letters and cards were used to show one’s care towards the other because of the effort and personalization they contained. The aspect of personalization is the true essence of greeting cards. It is what makes them unique.

Nevertheless, the benefit of modern times is that one doesn’t need to do arts and crafts to make cards. And this article tells you exactly how you can create your greeting card online to stand out.

Choosing a platform

The first and foremost step to designing a card online is choosing the right platform with creative tools and options to help you achieve your goal.

PosterMyWall is one of the best options for this purpose with its diverse options of online greeting cards. The site offers a range of layout templates and tools necessary for customizing these templates.

They provide templates, fonts, drag-and-drop tools, and browse and upload options to assist card customization and make it easy, hassle-free, and budget-friendly.

Selecting theme

Choosing the correct theme makes your designs come together. Choosing a theme for your card is significant in connecting with your recipient. The more personal and subjective theme, the deeper connection it demonstrates.

You can choose a classic Christmas theme with snow, reindeer, Santa Claus, or wreaths. Or you can go with your recipient’s favorite Christmas movie, cartoon, or TV show.

For many of the 90’s generation, “Home Alone” or “Love Actually” symbolizes the forthcoming and warmth of Christmas. If you are still deciding what to pick, you can browse many designs of Christmas greeting cards online.

If you are a brand, incorporate your merchandise in your card by relating it to the occasion in some way. For example, you can print your card in the shape of your product, add pictures of your office’s Christmas party or put a promotional holiday discount with the greetings.

Picking a color palette

Usually, a Christmas color palette involves red, green, white, and gold. One can go creative by including other colors in the card, such as silver, blue, violet, orange, copper, etc.

If you are a company, try incorporating your brand hues and make a good contrast with the conventional colors. You can add glitter and bling to your brand color and get a little edgy. But the color palette must fit your brand’s personality.

Make sure that other images, stickers, and font colors go with the background color and theme of the card. Avoid using multiple colors to remain sophisticated and creative rather than amateurish and icky.

Choosing a template and font

The next necessary facet is picking a template and font to present your ideas. The importance of template and font type is similar to the presentation of a burger—if your plate has all the components of a burger and it is not presented as one, how would you recognize it?

Choose a legible and neat font type (without serifs) on the right template design to portray an overall professional outlook for your brand’s greeting card.

If you want your card to give friendly and warm vibes, you can use a handwritten font too.

Creating a message

Having a meaningful message is imperative for personalizing a Christmas greeting card. Try to think of the emotion you want to evoke with your card, any memory, happy or sad but cherishable.

It should include gratitude for their impact on your life and warm wishes for the New Year.

A company greeting card should include a thank you message for the employees’ and customers’ loyalty and service to the firm. Also, add warm and cordial wishes for their families.

Get creative

Other than theme, colors, and text—add stickers and images to your card. Include your pictures with the recipient and place funny but cute stickers on them and some doodles.

Attach memorable moments of your employees in the work environment. It may be from an office party or the work setting. That will uplift the overall vibes of the card by representing effort and careful personalization.

Now it’s time to show your creativity and make a Christmas greeting card online for your loved ones. Good luck!

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