RARBG (2022) – Updated List Of Mirror Sites And Proxy Sites Working In 2022

RARBG (2022) – Updated List Of Mirror Sites And Proxy Sites Working In 2022


For the unversed, RARBG is one of the well-built websites that provides the best links to the users to download all genres of movies from all over the world to games


It provides the content free of charge with an easy method of downloading the content. The torrent sites allow the user to download the desired movie or show in the form of BitTorrent links, which makes the fastest download available. It is famous among young viewers.

So, it is considered one of the best compared to other pirated sites among the audience. It also allows the user to choose among the versions available for downloading the content as it is said to be a video library by its users where every video is named and labelled at their designated place of download without any clutter to be passed through, which made the site more famous among the new users who find it to be an easy way rather than going through all the unnecessary secondary websites which imply that there is not a necessity to redirect through unwanted sites if one wants to download their desired content in the website.


The main difference is in website maintenance. The page’s admins successfully maintain the clarity of the content by labelling the content with different links to those contents. The few labels of the content are listed below as:

  • Movies/x264/3D
  • Movies/x264/4k
  • Movies/x264
  • Movies/x264/1080
  • Movies/x264/720
  • Movies/x265/4k/HDR
  • Movies/Full BD Movies/BD Remux
  • Movies/x265/1080
  • TV Episodes
  • TV HD Episodes
  • TV UHD Episodes
  • Music/MP3
  • Music/FLAC
  • Games/PC ISO
  • Games/PC RIP
  • Software/PC ISO
  • Games/PS4

All these are the different labels for different content such as Music, Games, and software files and executable files available. These are also in the original versions with availability in mainstream content platforms are leaked on the site and placed in these folders with version change mentioning the change in the performance.

The 4k videos oblige to the statement above mentioned, i.e., with the appearance of the content in the original platform, that particular video is made available to both stream and download in the actual level of resolution if it shows a 4k video in the official forum, it is still present in RARBG website with the exact 4K level resolution which makes the audience to subscribe to the website as it is made free of charge.

The website is also different by its user account status. Even if one user is a member or not a member, they are still eligible and can download or stream their desired content for free.

The user account credentials are for maintaining the website data with the desired content similar to the remaining platforms. As it is a torrent site, mainly the traffic will be account less, and even at this point, the content is provided at the highest quality possible.


When you browse through the page, it can be evident that the page is maintained well without any clutter as the content is, as mentioned earlier, well labelled with different folders.

The primary attention to the page is that it keeps a well-tabled range of all the movies, music, shoes, or series when one scrolls down the page. The uploader’s name is also displayed on the page as a gesture of credit.


RARBG is equipped with all the latest content on its home page, which attracts users to dig into other content or their desired movie or show from the available library of contents.

The left side of the home page is well-differentiated with all the different ranges, including the other folders in the middle part of the page. The folders include the following contents such as:

  • Software
  • Music
  • XXX
  • Games
  • Trailers
  • Box-office
  • Catalogue
  • New Index
  • Non-XXX
  • TV Shows

Box-Office: RARBG pirated site also maintains a catalogue for the box office numbers. It is also one of the sought-after topics for the younger generation as it is the number that shows the film’s monetary success with the budget and box office collection details.

The redirected page of this Box-Office also shows the IMDb rating and the number of viewers giving the rating.

To be concluded in simple terms, it is like a plagiarized content of the film from a movie reviewed/rated sites such IMDb or rotten tomatoes etc.; still, it attracts the viewers as this is available along with the availability of streaming the highest rated content or download which is like a bonus for the readers as in general, it happens that after searching for the highest rating for any desired content, one needs to start again the search for the platform which provides that highest rated content.

In this case, one can see the rating and stream that as the highest-rated movie will be displayed on the home page itself, which can be said that the highest-rated film is already on display without even reaching out to this tab.

Software: Software like the Digi studio, SQL, etc., are provided with their executable files, which are free of cost in this part of the website and can also be available with torrent links.

All this software, however, provided the executable files. Still, they are from torrent sites which should be considered as there are no more excellent firewalls for the RARBG website, which leaves one to decide in executing such software.

However, if it is in non-usable computers in the public domain, it won’t be as harmful as it looks from a deprecated link.


The latest release movies, along with their pirated links and original versions, are available on the website. Some of the recently released movies are:

  • Sonic 2 The Hedgehog
  • Uncharted
  • The Bad Guys
  • The Batman
  • Choose or Die
  • Ambulance

These are some of the latest releases highlighted on the first page of the website itself. The recently released content can be made available from the recent release folder or the availed other folders on the home page itself.

RARBG is a website that maintains a clutter-free home page that can be visible at first glance of the website, which gives a pleasant thought of browsing through the website without any further thought or constant consciousness to terminate unnecessary tabs which pop up while browsing through the torrent sites in general.


RARBG is one of those few pirated torrent sites which updates their content continuously by the admins reaching from all over the world. When you open the home page, one can easily find any content updated in minutes before viewing.

It is constantly updated with the range, making this website famous among the audience as a content library. The website provides all sorts of entertainment, including games and episodes of live games available all over the internet, which is a rare feat among pirated sites.

All these are available with their timestamp of update. And the uploader details are also available in case to reach out about any copyright issues. Like all the websites, it also provides an extra search bar option located visually available in the middle of the home page, which redirects to the searched item.

The most important feature of the website is that it also provides a preview of currently trending news worldwide. The new is bulleted in detail to explain the content more detailedly with fewer words to cover all the trending topics.

All of such maintenance of a huge range requires a lot of teamwork, and this website stands out as it provides all such content free of charge and along with account availability so one can resume their search by using their login credentials which is similar to some official online platforms but for free of charge.

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