Moviesghar (2022) – Best Pirated Website To Stream And Download Latest movies And shows

Moviesghar (2022) – Best Pirated Website To Stream And Download Latest movies And shows


Moviesghar is an illegal pirated website. Movie buffs, who generally try to finish a movie or a series as soon as it gets released in the market, always find ways to do so. It is not only limited to movie buffs but also to many people who are hyped up with the bombastic promotions about content worldwide.

At least in India, due to the recent massive high budget successes like RRR, Pushpa, and KGF: Chapter2, the Indian Box Office is in full swing for more content.

Moviegoers at any point in time want to reach out to the content as soon as possible, which paved the way for many forms of platforms like online streaming platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime video, etc…

Those who cannot spend money to buy the credentials or account for these platforms try to find to stream or download from illegal pirated sites such as this MoviesGhar, etc.

What is MoviesGhar?

Moviesghar is an illegal website similar to thousands of torrent sites on the internet in the recent past. It is a movie hub where thousands of movies are dumped for the viewers to stream or download movies, videos from all regional languages, Hollywood series, and all Indian premium web content visible on the site.

We can see from the home page that the newly released content is arranged by its date of release into the market. This is the advantage among other pirated sites as the content from all languages is also made available to download and stream in the respective data resolutions, with backlinks redirecting the user to do the necessary action.

How is MoviesGhar different from remaining torrent sites?

When we see there are thousands of torrent sites or pirated where content is provided illegally are in thousands in number on the internet.

But MoviesGhar stands apart from these by giving an advantage to its users by delivering its content with different categories such as:

  • Indian Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Punjabi
  • English
  • Movies by Actors (which is the main reason for the website to be liked by the percentage of users compared to others)
  • Movies by Actress (this is also an extra point for the website)
  • By type
  • How to Play Movies

“How to Play Movies” is the section that educates the user on how to use the website to download or stream movies from all over the world.


Moviesghar is like a mini video library with many movies and series in many languages from all over the world within a period span of at least a decade.

The recent releases are highlighted on the front page of the website, whereas the earlier movies are categorized in the lower parts of the page, with each category listed down as:

  • Search movies by year

This category is where all the year-wise content is given. The movies from 2003,2004 till 2022 are sorted in separate folders, and also, there is a whole folder of movies older than 2003 for the user to go through their desired movies from the older times.


MoviesGhar, as told earlier, has movies and videos sorted according to different categories. Some of them are highlighted as the main bar in the initial position on the front page. There are remaining categories where one can easily find their favorite actor or Actress’s movies as they are sorted out.

For an unknown user to formulate an opinion, there is also a category that explicitly provides users or viewers to go through the famous actors of the region and their names along with their movies separated in a folder at the below portion of the page.

Some of the categories, along with their content, are listed as follows:

  • This week’s most viewed movies (This category contains all the movies or any video which has been trending all over the country and is maintained in this folder)

Recent movies or web series originating from any of the online streaming platforms like Netflix, amazon prime video, SonyLiv, etc. and which are trending, are provided with their links for the viewer to download or stream according to their data resolutions.

These movies in this Most viewed section are mainly visualized along with the number of views gained by showcasing the number of views under the movie’s thumbnail. Some of the movies in this section are:

  • Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2022)-312 views (the number of people viewed to date)
  • She (2022) Hindi season 2-254 views
  • Jurrasic World Dominion (2022)-220 views
  • Samrat Prithviraj(2022)-165 views
  • 777 Charlie (2022) Hindi Dubbed-145 views
  • Sarkari Vaari Paata(2022) Unofficial Hindi Dubbed-133 views
  • Aashram(2022)Hindi Season 3-122 views
  • Vikram (2022) Hindi Full Movie-116 views
  • CBI 5: The Brain (2022) Hindi Dubbed -98 views

These are some of the latest content which is available on this site. As one can see from the titles, all of these are recent releases and mostly sought-out content of the people. Mostly the movies or series in this section are Hindi.

The website is mainly meant for the Hindi belt of the audience or, in simple words, primarily the north part of the audience would hover to watch the website content. By the number of views, it is visible that these are the most trending in recent weeks.

Other categories:

This illegal pirated site of MoviesGhar is also a well-maintained website with all the sorting as seen in the categories. The few other types of the website are mainly divided into two parts such as:

  1. Popular shows popular content regarding its folder like movies, actors, actresses, etc.
  2. Recent, which sorts the content irrespective of the popularity but respective to the date of availability or date of release of the movie or series.


  1. Movies by type: in layman’s terms, referred to as genre or genre-specific folder designated to each. The available types of film or genres of movies on the MoviesGhar website are:
  • Action Movies
  • Funny Movies
  • Romantic Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Old Movies
  • Horror Movies
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies

These are some of the types of movies that are famous among the users given in each folder of the content specified for each style.

  1. Search Movies by Year: The website also maintains old content in this tab, with all the movies sorted according to their year of release. Here we have all the films from 2021 to 2003, and the last movies are given in a separate folder of Older Movies, indicating that it is a folder with movies older than 2003.
  2. Search Movies by Actor: This category is where one can find their favorite lead actors featured movies list or folder ranging from Amir Khan to Vivek Oberoi with listed alphabetical order, which is additionally an easy option for the search.
  • Amir Khan Movies
  • Abhay Deol
  • Abhishek Bachchan
  • Amitabh Bachchan… etc.
  • Vivek Oberoi

All these lead actors are most prominent in the Hindi Film Industry of Bollywood. These names are given primarily according to their popularity in their industry.

  1. Search Movies by Actress: Similar to actors, this category also gives the user list of movies by the lead actresses like the movies in which they are part, no matter explicitly actress-oriented film, but a simple character played as a part of the movie is also listed. The actresses from recent generations and those from previous generations are listed in the folder. Some of their names are given as a hint to the viewers going through this page.
  • Alia Bhatt movies
  • Aishwarya Rai movies
  • Ameesha Patel
  • Vidya Balan Movies etc.
  1. Movies By South Indian Actors: The website MoviesGhar has listed all the categories and added another type of movies related to famous south Indian actors as these days, the viewership for these actors’ films is in high demand, and the content from the region of South India is also gaining a lot of interest from other parts of India due to huge market of the actors as well as larger than life movies recently. Some of the very popular actors’ movies are noted down as:
  • Ram Charan Movies
  • NTR Jr movies
  • Allu Arjun movies
  • Rajnikanth movies
  • Kamal Hasan movies etc.

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