Moviemad – Know About The Latest Updates And Content Of The Site

Moviemad – Know About The Latest Updates And Content Of The Site


Moviemad is a torrent pirated site. We can stream all types of content ranging from Hollywood movies, series, and Hollywood TV series to very restricted content in dubbed versions of regional languages in different resolutions ranging from H.D. to data saver size.

Technological advancement has led to the growth in online video viewership; in simple words, online streaming, including the recent pandemic, also added up to this rise.

People started to stream the movies, series or desired content as soon as available online. A significant part of the viewership to the most famous premium content has been sprayed on pirated websites primarily due to the availability of such content being limited to a particular OTT platform.

Having one of either OTT account does not help to avail another forum’s range. In such situations, people often opt to stream through torrent sites, so these sites are increasing significantly to suffice such purposes.

The website allows the users to download the content in a reasonable size, which is an advantage compared to other pirated sites.


Like the parallel pirated sites, Moviemad is also available with several other domains. Torrent sites are easily prone to copyright infringements and blockages from the original content providers or content owners.

The website is available primarily with the domain name of MovieMasti, which redirects to the main webpage Moviemad. The public domain names are listed below as:

  • id
  • com
  • com
  • In

These are some of the domain names where the website is available.


Moviemad, in comparison with other websites, provides an additional feature for the audience or the viewers to download the movie or any content available on the website is very high quality and less size alongside the advantage of downloading the content online without allowing the users to go through all the fuss around to download their desired content which is the case of the available torrent sites, where the wanted content is only made available to the user after going through any third-party pages.

This easy content availability makes this website stand apart from the remaining pirated sites. The choice of resolution of the video and size of the videos are also explicitly maintained dwell by the site’s admins.


This site leaks the latest Hollywood releases immediately after their release on their platforms. The recent movies and series with high anticipation also made their way to the website.

All these are available on the website in the regional language dubbed version, primarily in the Hindi language, as the viewership and the website domain are maintained in the Hindi language.

Some of them are:

  • Uncharted (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Moonfall (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2(2022)
  • Fantastic Beasts the Secrets of Dumbledore (2022)
  • The Lost City (2022)
  • Ambulance (2022)
  • The Contractor (2022)
  • Spider-Man No Way Home (2021)
  • The Batman (2022)

Among these recent Hollywood releases, some of them are English originals, whereas some of them are available in Hindi Dubbed versions. These movies are all leaked on the site as they are available in Cam versions uploaded on the website.


The website Moviemad is like a memory hub with many movies from at least a decade time. All the movies from Hollywood and Bollywood to all the south Indian languages are available in the folders specified for each of the years in which the movies are released.

The content is available in all the common Indian languages from different film industries like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, etc., along with international languages like Korean, Thai.

It is just not only a place for content like movies, web series, T.V. series, etc. but also a place for world-famous reality shows like WWE is also there on the website noted as a folder among the different film industries movies folders in a list format.


Pirated sites like Moviemad mainly provide their content for free without any registration or an account on the website. Still, the other plus in such pirated torrent sites like Moviemad is that they also provide the content in a dual audio format where one can stream their language along with the language in which the content is initially made.

The audio format of the videos is also mentioned in the title with different types of audio for any particular video as some of the movies are available in both the languages of original audio and the dubbed one, so such videos are stated as dual audio as they can be streamed or downloaded in either of the languages which is an advantage to the users because people who have the interest in watching in original can pour in that original.

In contrast, interested people can manage the content in the dubbed version of their native language. The former set of people is so passionate about enjoying the content in original audio by streaming the content with the help of subtitles.

Today, the internet can mainly provide subtitles when the content is available online. Some enthusiasts are trying to put up the subtitles in many different languages worldwide on some sites, and they can be downloaded easily.


The latest releases can all be found on the home page with dedicated titles to each movie or video, the resolution level, dubbing version, if available, and the quality of the content in which the video can be streamed or downloaded from the site.

These updates also include the recent releases and episodes of the updated seasons of top-rated web or T.V. series, and also some of the world-famous reality shows are there on the home page.

The remaining content, as mentioned above, is found in the folder format on the below pages of the site. As a whole, the website Moviemad is a pirated torrent site where the content is leaked and also well maintained by the admins without any third-party websites to be opened by the user when trying to access their desired content on the site, which is a usual case in most of the pirated sites these days.

The range is not restricted to one particular language of the country but can be available in many native languages like in dubbed versions of each. So, this is one of those best-pirated torrent sites where users can easily browse through their desired content for free.


By all the points being mentioned once again, the website proves to be a free place to stream or download the latest content along with dual audio format is an affordable feat for the users who want to enjoy their liked content in their homes.

Moviemad, which is primarily available with the domain name Moviemasthi is said to be a leakage site where a content consumer can get their required content free of cost without going through unwanted third-party sites. Thus, this is all about the moviemad website if anyone is interested in downloading or streaming movies, series, and other international T.V. shows.



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