NaaRockers (2022) – Download Latest Telugu Movies And Know About The Proxy Website To This Site

NaaRockers (2022) – Download Latest Telugu Movies And Know About The Proxy Website To This Site

NaaRockers is a pirated illegal torrent website that holds a lot of movies in the form of pirated sections; at times, high-resolution movies released on OTT platforms are illegally made available on the website.

The reason the website is named as an illegal or pirated site is that the website, without abiding by the copyrights of the movie, releases them on the website by using proxy servers.

To upload them from all over the world to avoid government or movie distribution scrutiny to lock the admins behind bars.

What is NaaRockers?

NaaRockers, as specified, is a torrent site.

It is famous among the general users as it successfully brings all the newly-released content, be it movies, web series, or TV shows, to its website.

The content also is not fixed to be available in one data range but made in many resolutions for the viewer to download or stream their desired content.

It is one of those pirated sites with all the movies, web series, and TV series from regional languages dumped into its websites and made available for free without registering accounts.

It is not a legal site for anyone to access at any location on the planet as many countries have rules against torrents for not downloading and sometimes not allowed even to stream as this causes massive loss to the content producers be it movies, web series, or TV shows.

NaaRockers is such a website that it is not allowed in many countries.

Still, it makes its usage most by providing many proxy links such that its users can access the website at any time or in cases such as when the original website is not available in a particular mentioned domain.

What is a proxy domain?

As the name specifies, it is synonymous with the original website.

This is mainly used during the blockage of the original website due to any issues as it is mostly under scrutiny by the government authorities since these illegal sites do not follow any rules set by the governments to maintain the copyrights by the producers of content.

Some sites take up different location domain names and immediately shift up to another if one is blocked due to government agencies.

Do NaaRockers have proxy sites to be accessed when blocked?

Yes, as all torrents and pirated sites have the proxy to save them from blockages o the websites.

NaaRockers also has proxy websites designed by the website’s admins for easy access to NaaRockers content without losing the website data.

The website will be dumped with many movies from all languages, so losing it is difficult for the page admins. So, they try to proxy it always with other domain names. Some of them are listed as follows


How can we use the website NaaRockers to download content?

NaaRockers allows the viewers or the users to download the content for free like many other torrents or pirated sites.

The thumbnail images of the available images are present on the homepage, and users, when found their desired content, can click on the link provided by the website redirects the users to download links.

Provided by third-party sites like stream load, streamline, neutv, openload being the famous download link used by the users.

Can we stream content from NaaRocker’s website?

Yes, we can also stream from the website, similar to the download option.

The main issue with streaming content is that it takes most of the data in case of a mobile stream or device stream with mobile data.

If it is Wi-Fi, the data issue can mostly be ignored as it does not matter much to the user.

What are the alternative websites for the website NaaRockers?

There are many alternative websites for users to browse through such pirated sites.

But as mentioned earlier, browsing through pirated or torrent sites is not always advisory as these are always being watched by the government communities.

The alternative websites are also illegal sites that have content on their sites obtained from illegal methods like piracy from the theatre.

llegal download of content from official original OTT platforms like NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, and many other Indian Platforms like Disney Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5, Aha, Hulu and many more platforms.

When content is made available on these platforms, these torrent website admins download it onto their devices, make copies of content from their devices, and place them on such torrent sites for the free usage of the users.

Among such torrent sites and NaaRockers, the other famous websites are noted.

  • Movierulz
  • TodayPk
  • Einthusan
  • Onlinemovieswatch
  • Bolly2tolly
  • TamilGun
  • TamilRockers

These are a few available thousands of pirate sites on the internet today.

Thousands of admins earn loads of money by uploading pirated content to such websites, most of them being a young group of people below 30, as many research websites know.

Latest content available on the website:

The latest release is made immediately available on the website by many means like theatre piracy or illegal download of online OTT platforms.

After the pandemic, due to low cases, the releases of movies have been in full swing in theatres which also increased massive traffic to these illegal sites.

Some of the famous and recent releases are given as

  • Major (2022) Telugu Original HDRip
  • Rocketry: The Nambi Effect (2022) Telugu HQ PreDVD
  • Enugu (2022) Telugu HQ PreDVD, Mp4
  • Pakka Commercial (2022) Telugu HQ PreDVD, Mp4
  • Virata Parvam (2022) Telugu Original HDRip, Mp4
  • Samrat Prithviraj (2022) Telugu Original HDRip
  • Anek (2022) Telugu Original HDRip, Mp4
  • Atithi Devo Bhava (2022) Telugu Original HDRip, Mp4
  • Vindhu Bhojanam (2022) Telugu Original HDRip, Mp4
  • Sammathame (2022) Telugu HQ PreDVD, Mp4
  • Konda (2022) Telugu HQ PreDVD, Mp4
  • Pelli SandaD (2022) Telugu Original HDRip, Mp4
  • Nenjuku Neethi (2022) Telugu Original HDRip, Mp4
  • Manmadha Leelai (2022) Telugu Original HDRip, Mp4

As one can see, there are tags such as Telugu Original and HDRip, PreDVD, and the year of release with the date of the upload on the website is given for the user not to get confused in reaching their content.

The movies or any content available on the website are primarily in the Telugu language as this website is most popular among the Telugu states, and the Telugu-speaking population to access any content for free.

End Words

NaaRockers is a very famous torrent and pirated illegal website among the Telugu-speaking audience as it has other websites with the same name related to pirated songs downloaded.

Pirated Mp3 content and ringtones, which are trimmed using online tools and are dumped into their website.

This reason accommodates users to also go through these movies or video content download or stream website to access the content for free by the user without signing up.

Having account credentials to browse through the website or maintaining is also primarily based on proxy domain changes among all of the country’s domains in the world.

But as mentioned in the article, browsing through such illegal pirated sites is always risky, and advisory to be cautious, mainly when in countries of the European Union.

Any other highly developed countries, as there are many rules in accessing such copyright infringement content.

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