iBOMMA – Watch And Download Regional language Movies, Bollywood And Hindi Dubbed Movies

iBOMMA – Watch And Download Regional language Movies, Bollywood And Hindi Dubbed Movies

iBomma is an illegal pirated Telugu content website where we can find movies, series, and many other types of content ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, and other industries dubbed in the language of Telugu.

This is like a dubbing platform collection of movies, series, and everything dubbed into Telugu. It does not look like a usual pirated torrent site as it is well organized and clutter-less website where anyone can find their desired content.

What is so different with the website iBomma?

In recent times, the high demand for OTT content from all over the world due to the pandemic caused by Covid19 paved the way for a massive rise in online platforms in India and worldwide. This is due to the lockdown, which forced all the countries’ populations to stay home and work.

During the weekends, the only thing many people did was to go through such online platforms to haul over new content like movies from all languages with subtitles helped many movie buffs to go through these during the lockdown.

Such times gave the audience to choose among a few available sites like they need to pay to go through their desired content which is an issue with the money since not all of them can afford account credentials in all of the online official streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Sony Liv, Aha, Hulu, etc.

This situation made many enthusiasts come up with an illegal pirate site where the admins can dump all over the trending content with links to both streams and downloads to their devices.

iBomma, a new player in torrent site platforms, has recently caught up to the most viewership due to its high maintenance of content and crystal-clear clarity of the content, along with the smallest file size available with the highest resolutions.

iBomma has been extensively discussed all over the Telugu audience recently due to its swift availability of content released in HD among the mentioned online platforms above.

Being a pirated torrent site gives the user an ambiance of an official streaming platform except for being a member, which is an additional feature compared to other existing torrent sites like movierulz, etc., exclusively for the Telugu audience.

Is iBomma a famous site?

iBomma, in recent times, is the talk of the town mostly in Telugu-speaking regions, as it is a website that is an amalgamation of all the series, shows, and movies from all of the online streaming sites, theatre releases, and other kinds of availability.

It stores all of the content with a well-maintained page, and the links for each content are also made available at least 2 or 3 server links when clicked.

When new user browses through the site, they can quickly come to an idea about the recent releases as they are made visible on the home page of the iBomma website. When going down, one can see that the previous trending movies or series are specified in a separate folder.

The primary explicit reason this website is trending among the Telugu audience is that the admins made all of the content available in each different headline, and the audio version of Telugu for each range is only there on the website.

Even the content from Hollywood, the dubbed version into Telugu, is placed on the site with the headline Hollywood Dub. In similar terms, the remaining headings give the user to go through that specific content.

What is the content available on the iBomma website?

The content available on the website is nicely sorted into many separated folders, which are mentioned if you read down below the article. As mentioned in the earlier parts of the report, the admins sorted all of the content into separate tabs for the viewer to access the desired content easily.

The first part of the home page is filled with recent releases in the Telugu market, whether original Telugu content or dubbed content from Hollywood to regional languages.

It is not restricted to only movies in the first part of the home page but also the recent trending web series or TV series are present. The remaining available headings where the separated content is there are given as below:

  1. Web series: As the name specifies, this part of the page is filled with the recent trending web series from all the languages dubbed into the Telugu language. The recent releases are present in the starting places of the content. The thumbnail is mentioned with an image saying the particular content in the dubbed version of Telugu if it’s another language series. The recent releases are given as:
  • Suzhou – The Vortex (2022)
  • 9 hours (2022)
  • BFF (2022)
  • Mai (2022)
  • Anantham (2022)
  • Galivaana (2022)

These web series are available in the Telugu dubbed version and with two or three different server links to either stream or download these.

For the download option, the admins were highly successful in maintaining the download to be the same size or with high resolution as the download compared to the original official streaming platform, and also the device also does not matter for download as the website mentions that it is specifically designed for compatibility of all devices which is like an upgraded torrent pirated site with all the amenities provided similar to an official platform.

  1. Foreign Dub: iBomma manages to hit the bullseye for any new user as it has sorted all the stuff it has into their designated names, which is the same case of availability of content from foreign languages, majorly English in this folder of content. The admins also successfully pitch the idea that it is an original site with such massive availability of all the content. They also advised the users to be aware of fake websites with the same name. The recent releases in this section that are trending on the iBomma website are:
  • Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness (2022)
  • Doctor Strange (2016)
  • FireHeart (2022)
  • Spiderhead (2022)
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022)
  • MoonFall (2022)

These foreign dub movies are from both the theatre and online streaming sites, all of which are dubbed into the Telugu language; as said earlier, this illegal site is exclusively made for Telugu audience who wants to enjoy the content irrespective of the online streaming platform.

  1. Add-ons (0): In this section, the admins have added some of the movies which are original Telugu made and have been famous all time. As specified by the admins, this section will be expanded based on the traffic to the website and add more movies or series into this section. The movies available in this section are listed below:
  • Doctor Strange (Telugu Dubbed-2016)
  • Maa Abbayi (2017)
  • Happy Days (2007)
  • Fashion Designer S/o Ladies Tailor (2017)
  • Ego (2018)
  • Bhimavaram Bullodu (2014)

How to contact the admins to request a particular content?

The admins maintain a contact page on the website, which is like a bridge between the users and admins for the users to request or demand their desired content.

For the viewers, the page also maintains a Bug report page which acts as a doubt clarifier with all the most frequently asked questions along with the precise answers provided on this website page.

There is also an option of contacting us to reach out to the admins for doubts regarding the device compatibility to download or stream the content. The page is also equipped with an email where one can drop their problem so that the admins can reply precisely to the question-specific answer.

Apart from all of these, the main attraction of the website or more traffic is due to its administration of exclusive Telugu content or dubbed into Telugu from any languages.

Also, the page is provided with a search option below the trending movies or series on the first page, where one can redirect to their desired content just by searching the name, it may not be a google search to recommend with a mistake in the investigation, but if queried with correct spelling, the search will redirect the user to the desired content.

What are the genres of the content present on the website?

All genres of content are present on the website but with no separation to each genre as the website mainly targets the users to take note of the most trending movies or series by combining all of them on the home page irrespective of the genre accumulated at a single place.

This also acts as an additional attraction to the website, as one knows that being a pirate site, it is a well-managed site with a clear homepage with all the content named, specified with the title of the movie, year of the movie release, and also the version mostly being Telugu dubbed.

These details make the website a unique torrent site compared to the existing pirated sites without demanding to have proxy sites and advising the user to be aware of similar names sites.

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