KickassTORRENT | New List Of Unblocked Proxy Sites To Access The KickassTorrents

KickassTORRENT | New List Of Unblocked Proxy Sites To Access The KickassTorrents


There have been some websites for a very long time with the primary goal of providing immediate release movies or series for free in the form of leaking the original content in pirated torrent versions. According to some online reports, among such sites, kickasstorrent websites are considered one of the top-visited websites, with more than 0.5 million views per year.


As the website has been in the service for many years, it has the reputation that whatever the content may be, it will still be available on the kickasstorrent website no matter how big the production is or how extensive reach it has.

This is the reason many media or production houses are vigilant about the site as it has been on the internet for a quite a long time and has got the name that, one way or the other, it can attract the viewership by providing the content for free for which they have invested lots of money.


With the continuous vigilance of media production houses and cybercrime security cells, the website is mostly getting shelved. With the constant effort of the admins, it is again coming into the service after the removal of some domain names which are new and fresh to get distracted from this vigilance.

The admins from all over the world can still manage to keep the website running, swimming against the tide of blockages.

The website, also popularly known as KAT, always stays ahead by providing safe mirror sites to access their content on the search page for the user to notify about the possible change and the availability of the area with the links made available on the home page of the website probable search. Some of such safe mirror sites are noted down below:








These are some of the safe mirror sites provided on the website’s home page. The leading site where the content is mounted will always be highlighted with a tagline like “currently domain is available on,” specifying the content availability.

This makes the user’s search for the website more accessible by not going to each website link provided to search for the content.

If the website KAT is completed locked out, they even provide some other site links where the content is available. Those are labeled as Friendly Links which succeed in their name specification of allowing the user to go through them in case of non-availability of the KAT domain. Some of the Friendly links are linked down:

ü 13377x


ü ThePirateBay

ü LimeTorrents

ü Rarbg

ü HD full

ü Altadefinizione

These are some of the most famous pirated torrents available on the internet. So, in case of such mishaps of blockage of the KAT site, all these lined up sites come into help in providing the sought-out content similar to KAT, which is free of charge.


The website is the host of enormous content from all over the world displayed along with the movies or video content and the availability of this in the versions of HD or cam. Most of the time, the latest films are also leaked from pirated theatre versions on the website.

The pirated version will be available on the website until the original version of the content is available on the official platform. Once the original content is available, it will also be leaked into the website with the actual level of resolution.

There is also a separate category for the latest searches on the website as it suggests the last searched or most searched content on the website, which is usually the most famous content among the audience, will only make its way into the latest search category as it will be averaged among the worldwide searches which prove to the point that it is used by at least significant of the countries who are vast consumers of such content.

This category mainly hosts famous movies worldwide and are the most recent releases or any trend started off the old movies.


The website, by its name, provides all sorts of torrents, from movies to games. We can observe that there are hundreds of torrents links available on the home page of the website for different categories like

v Torrents for Anime

v Torrents for games

v Torrents for Music

v Torrents for Applications

v Torrents for TV shows

v Other Torrents

v Movie Torrents

Torrents for Anime: This category of floods link redirects the user to the popular Anime torrents provided by the website. The anime section of the website is a kind of pirated content provider entirely comprised of Anime content most sought out by users worldwide.

The latest release of Anime is provided with their torrents link, which is like a fast-downloading link for the user. These days, most of the younger audience is attracted to Anime as it matches the emotional frequencies of their age.

Music Torrents: The most famous music videos or audios are displayed in this category with their torrents link. With increasing pop culture in Hollywood and the stars’ fame involved with these music videos being celebrated, the search for these music videos is growing with the days.

The torrent links are provided, making the downloading process more accessible, and sometimes these links are provided links for streaming them. Although such famous music videos are available for free on streaming platforms like YouTube, they are still restricted to download, making the users go through this website.


As many torrents or pirated sites would not state their uploader details, the kickass torrents website gives the uploader details.

The uploader details, the size of the file, the duration of the time lapsed from the upload at your present point of search along with two other fields such as seed and leech are given along with the labeled titles of the movies and also the level of resolution of the availability, if it is a recent release.

There will be a chance that the uploaded version will be the pirated theatre version and many movies are in 4k resolution.

The size of the files ranges from some Mbs of file size to huge files such as Gbs size as they are easy to download with their torrent links which make the user more accessible download the content ranging from games, movies, web series, and TV shows along with the episode numbers of different seasons content.

There is also a search option that allows the users to redirect through the desired content from all over the website. The website is like a kind of content library with many genres of movies, games, TV shows, web series, etc.

The content will be continuously updated, as stated above. This contains many categories of content, as the contributors from all over the world strive to provide the content for free of charge, the website always stays alive with such colossal content, and the website is also a well-maintained clutter-free website that creates a user experience of hustle-free search and accessibility to the content.

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