KatMovie | Download Your Desired Content In Different Resolutions Available For Free

KatMovie | Download Your Desired Content In Different Resolutions Available For Free


KatMovie is a website that can be accessible in different resolutions like many other websites, such as HD, as the website is available with the domain name KatMovieHD mostly.

The available content provides sites all over the internet with specificity in at least pirated content, mount their servers with the unauthorized or unauthentic access to the content like allowing unknown content also to be there for customer utilization which sometimes or most of the times results in copyright claims or leading to the misery state of reaching an extent to get removed from the service.

KatMovie is not among these hurdles, as they have mentioned explicitly in a separate disclaimer stating that the website does not mount any unauthorized or unsupervised content into their servers, preventing themselves and the website not to falling for any copyright claims or whatsoever to the content that is available or accessible via their content.

The content is clearly distinguished on the site with the respective thumbnails related to the movie or videos. The recent releases are published on the home screen, or home page and the older ones are listed on the pages later. The listing is done in page numbers ranging from 1 to 27 max.

The content ranges from Hollywood to regional movies. The content is divided by the factor of films or web series from Hollywood to Korean.

The platform also provides mirror links to the OTT platform content respective to the forum, as we have tabs recommending content availability. The media like Disney+ and Netflix are listed among the accounts on the website’s home page.


The website primarily provides the content in the dubbed version of the regional language of a country, which can be visible on the home page as the thumbnails suggest that the content is available in the dubbed version.

The genre of the content along with the type of resolution like whether the content is in Blu-ray or if it is in Blu-ray then the resolution range of 1080p HD and options along with other resolutions like 720p, 480p are available for that designated content is mentioned, and also the original language in which the video or movie is filmed is made available in the title of the thumbnail.

The dubbed version of the content, along with the type of audio in which the content is available, like ORG 5.1 DD, which indicates Dual Audio, is stated in the title itself, which helps in the user accessibility to streaming the content according to their available medium of audio or video.

The additional advantage is that the admin was successful in the site is that the general season of the particular series, whether it is a TV series or web series, the updated seasons, when available in the market, are added to the content on the KatMovie website and the availability or added note is written in the title of the content such as a particular episode of a specific season of this TV series is added in the head title of the video.

The content’s title is presented along with the year of its immediate release, whether it is theatrical or TV, or web. Except for the genre of the content and the type of the series highlighted in blue color link addresses, the remaining described details are mentioned in old-fashioned white titles.


The home page of the KatMovie website is categorized by the availability of the content across the internet ranging from Hollywood, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Korean, etc.

The dropdowns indicate distinguishing between these and between the content of each field, like different content available within Hollywood and other languages or regional scope. There is no clutter on the home page, which further helps navigate any desired particular content.

There are categories of content divided in each dropdown with different genres available to each class. The different genres available help the user choose among their desired range by redirecting with the available links.

On the home page, the content available is changed according to the country open, dominated mainly by dubbing content of the original to its native language.


For Hollywood, the available genres are as follows:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Dual Audio
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sc-fi
  • Sports

For the category of TV Shows, the available genres are as follows:

  • Korean Drama, this genre of content, is available in regional languages dubbed for the particular country.
  • Russian TV series
  • Turkish Drama, this genre of content is also available in regional languages like the Korean Drama as these are some of the most demandable content in the present audience.
  • Thai TV series, also available in dubbing like the above TV series.
  • Ukrainian TV series, also available in dubbing like the remaining TV series.
  • Chinese Drama was also available in dubbing.
  • Japanese Drama is also available in dubbing.
  • Hindi Web series
  • Mexican TV series, also available in dubbing
  • French TV series, also available in dubbing.
  • Colombian TV series, also available in dubbing.
  • TV series, which is available in the dubbed version.
  • Complete season.

For the category of Animated, the available genres are as follows:

  • Anime, which is available in a dubbed version to the content users.
  • Anime, which is available in the original version but with subtitles.

The remaining categories are redirectable to the original content of that particular topic which is divided among the most demanded OTT platforms like Netflix and Disney+.

There is also a search bar option for the user to fetch and find their desired content. This title bar is provided after an ad on the homepage. The title bar is also equipped with another category of Adult, where the user can browse the adult content, which is not recommended for the younger people.

The search bar option and the categories mentioned above are well displayed and are in white letters. The caption Latest Updates lets the user go through the latest content updated on the page.

KatMovie is also provided with a home title bar with different categories before the website’s title. The home bar is merged in the tile page color as it is a general description of the website disclaimer and contact details along with the description of their website.


There are different categories described in the home bar and are listed below:

  1. Movie Request Page: This is to indicate to the user that they can provide the desired content if requested for any movie or web series, or TV series by using this option on the home bar as it redirects the user to the page where they can request their desired content by commenting down the name or details of the content. Many comments are already available on the page where users requested a few movies.
  2. How to Download?: This is the real advantage to the new users as the admin excels in describing the procedure of downloading their desired content along with the screenshots of each step and highlighting the particular point in the page using highlighted color lines on the image.
  3. VPN!: When the user is not able to access the site due to geographical location issues of his stay in a country and the country’s legal matters or any such other reasons, the page provides this redirect page filled with steps to change the VPN address along with screenshots which further helps the user to stream or download their desired content without any issues.
  4. Contact Us!: Queries or any suggestions for page development are welcomed in this home bar section. It contains the details page for the user to query any necessary topic. The space is provided with teams such as Name, E-mail, Subject, and Message, with ample space.
  5. DMCA & Disclaimer: These display the user warning and the user notice to the site describing its content and disclaimer regarding the content available and how the page is designed to avoid any copyright claims.


KatMovie as a site overall can be considered serving its potential and emerges well in maintaining the content without any issues and a well-structured home page and other pages without any disturbing ads or irritating design. It is aligned well with the letters of the title. The mobile view of the page is also well maintained and clutter-free.

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