Best Alternative Sites Or Host Sites To Access The C Movies website

Best Alternative Sites Or Host Sites To Access The C Movies website


C Movies is an old player in bringing such times more straightforward as the content accessible through the site is enormously huge.

The quantity of content available from Hollywood increases rapidly with changes in time compared to the previous decade. With the OTT platforms investing in vast amounts of money and providing all the material resources to the upcoming writers and producers.

As these scenarios are increasing, the quantity of content from international entertainment industries has been flooding even in the terrible days of the pandemic as this content can be accessible at home on these OTT platforms.

Hollywood content is available on the pirate’s bay as soon as it is made available in either theatres or play halls or on the Internet. This is due to the increase in accessible websites, which provide a way to either stream or download the necessary content.

The home audience is also enjoying this trend. It can be seen s they can enjoy their desired content in their living room with all the food and comfortable furniture without any disturbance compared to the theatre effect.

The content can be easily identifiable as it is precisely maintained with all the available mirror sites and the types of audio like dual audio of the video or movie. C Movies is like a hub for all the Hollywood content from different genres to Top rated IMDB content.


As the site itself mentions with a disclaimer that it does not upload the content on itself and takes advantage of third-party pages by making available those links and making the user redirect to those pages, one can quickly try to go through the original pirated content providers rather than browsing through these websites.

The alternatives are discussed in the below lines as follows:











Even with such alternative host sites, the website C Movies still stands apart and is vital to browse on the feed due to its maintenance of all the content available through the world cinema or world TV.

The website explains that it is free from copyright claims by writing the sources of their content on its page, like the address links to the original host sites in the disclaimer section. Some of them are given as follows:


The content from these sites is made accessible in the C Movies by providing the links to redirect to these based upon the type of the content ranging between TV series, web series, or a movie.

The disclaimer is up to the level and explains further that the full content taken from these websites and C Movies acts like a promotional site containing all the content addressed and stresses copyright infringement solely not based on them by clearly stating that the site does not host or upload among any media files with different extensions like avi, MOV, Flv, Mpg, MPEG, DivX, DVD rip, mp3, mp4, torrent, iPod, PSP.

C Movies is the high-end website among the pirate’s bay as it provides the user with an account where one can easily register and login when wanted into the site, similar to an OTT platform with credentials, the main difference being C Movies is a completely free website and non-commercialized website as compared to payable websites.

The login provides the same purpose as in its general way of resuming to watch the content from the paused point of the video. The search button beside the login is made visible to the user to search across the website for their desired content.

All genres and content like movies, TV series, and web series are available to either stream or download from the site.

Every video on the website is equipped to be streamed or played from any of the platforms made available under the designated play screen with the options between the sites to play any particular video along with the advantage over the resolution of the video in which it can be streamed and in some of these we can also find the speed option for the video to be played and also the option of either downloading or streaming online the subtitles by uploading the live URL of the available site of subtitles of the desired language.


The social media outreach is made visible for the first users to make the website reachable to everyone; there are options to share desired content with their friends or family by sharing it using those social media outlet images on the site.

Sharing content using social media is an added advantage to the user. The social media outlets on the website represent sharing among the audience and reach the website admins for their website to increase the reach and popularity among the social media users, increasing traffic to their website.

Social media handles like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook share, etc. 181 more ways are available for supporting the website as provided by the page’s admins. The count of shared items also shows that many audiences are sharing or reaching out to their desired content.


The website C movies cover page is quite fascinating for the content consumers as the latest uploads on the site are continuously flashed for a particular time, moving across all the latest uploads available on the page. It is the easiest way to jump on the video by directly clicking this flashing content that is redirected to the content provider sites.

The content of the movies or series on this flashing cover page is clearly described with the year of release, its rating on IMDb, the Duration of the video along with the Genre of the video.

The highlight of the details is a description of the movie or series written with a solid number of words that briefly describe the content so that the user can understand what the video is about. The description also creates interest or impact to go through the video further.

The cover page with this flashing content contains their thumbnail images. It would not be difficult for the audience to identify their desired content when opening the website.

Mostly the content related to recent releases or content released in previous months can be visible in these striking images.


Among the pirated sites, C Movies stands straight in providing the user a sophisticated search or browsing the desired content with all the amenities for an authentic OTT platform as the alignment, coloring, and detailing of the website is first-class maintained and managed.

The disclaimer also describes its stand on future infringement issues if any arise, which provides a safety search for the users.

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