Test Gadgets For DJs, DJ Accessories: DJ Furniture, Streaming Tools, Recorders, And Add-ons 

Test Gadgets For DJs, DJ Accessories: DJ Furniture, Streaming Tools, Recorders, And Add-ons 

DJ accessories tested and buying guides: DJ tables, vinyl tools, streaming equipment, effects and groove boxes, lighting, recording, and gadgets. There’s more to the DJ gear market than turntables, mixers, and CD players.

The price threshold for the entry-level digital tool is falling; on the one hand, the perfection of professional equipment is driving prices up.

But even if nowadays you can get a DJ controller for little more than 100 euros or you can only go to a CDJ-equipped club armed with a USB stick: DJs, service providers, and live performers who travel a lot to parties, clubs, bars, or open airs have to watch their gear.

This applies to turntables and CDJs, FX devices and accessories, vinyl treasures, or laptops with MIDI controllers and headphones.

Over the years, some exciting DJ tools, gadgets, and accessories for everyday DJ life have fluttered into the editorial office. After our product recommendations, you will find an overview of these tests.

DJ tables for mobile and stationary use

One thing is clear: you don’t park your DJ equipment on the kitchen table. DIY is common practice when finding suitable storage space for your DJ setup in the bedroom or party room.

Expedia/Kallax base with Capita cross braces and lacquer shelf is a real hit. In the professional environment, however, flexible case and table solutions are welcome.

DJ accessories: laptop stands for DJs

Hang up with the laptop. This usually includes a suitable laptop stand. Depending on the size of your notebook, whether you need additional storage space for an audio interface or what else the excellent piece has to carry for you – the trade offers several solutions.

Part for screwing, part for folding, part extendable, part rotatable.

DJ Accessories: Streaming Equipment

In times of lockdown and closed clubs, DJ video streaming is a common means of communication to stay in touch with fans and entertain the community.

The correct streaming tools, video mixers, and software can help you stream your DJ set live, and it’s easier than you might think.

Gigbags and transport cases for DJs

Of course, gadgets also wants to be well protected. Every well-known manufacturer of gig bags and challenging/flight cases has a box or bag ready for the dimensions of joint controllers, mixers, players, or DJ setups.

Suitable for transporting it to the gig undamaged. For dust protection in your home DJ studio or bedroom, I recommend looking at the Decksaver range.

Mix recording gadgets for DJs

When I started spinning records, you used to hold your DJ session on the turntable with the tape deck in a very old-school way to check and improve your mix or to listen to music later in the mix.

Music cassettes with DJ mix made the rounds among friends and acquaintances and were promoted for the booking agencies and business cards in equal measure.

Many famous record players always had a box with recorded tapes, which were also very popular as collectors’ items or items to exchange in some scenes.

Mix sessions are now recorded with DJ hardware or DJ software, or they are recorded with a mobile phone for online platforms. We’ve dedicated a whole feature article to this topic, and you’ll find two quick tips for those who decide on the spur of the moment below.

DJ Accessories: Lighting/DMX interfaces for DJ software

You read that right. As a DJ, you can now have the software generate your automatic light show. This analyzes your music tracks and can – as is the case with a record box – run a complete show that is directly integrated into your DJ program.

The SoundSwitch software, which runs standalone on the computer and mediates between Serato and your lighting equipment via a DMX interface, requires a little more manual work.

Effect gadgets for DJs

There is no question: many official club mixers bring their integrated effects, be it as a microphone effect, as an insert or send FX with free channel assignment, as a “color FX” on the respective channel, as a master effect for the sum or as a USB looped-in software effect.

On the other hand, some DJs prefer to use an external sound bender, which they connect to the send/return loop of the mixer available on site.

So you always have your favorite sound enhancer at hand and are flexible in your selection and not limited to the range of effective programs of the respective club mixer.

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