PDFSIMPLI – Overview, Applications And Services Provided By The Website

PDFSIMPLI – Overview, Applications And Services Provided By The Website


PDFSimpli is a very famous document conversion website that mostly became a virtue to the students who want to convert their documents into any other forms of documents, in watermarking the documents and many other services for free.

This is in high demand compared to other sites that provide the same services. This is due to the number of options available on the website and the least complex process for any work that needs to be done, as mentioned earlier, whether it may be the conversion of documents, printing the original author by watermarking, or editing online in word or pdf.

How is it different from other websites which provide the same services?

PDFSimpli is a website at the highest standards, at least from the eyes of students, as it provides sophisticated tools for editing, conversion, watermarking, or changing the document extensions with the highest quality possible similar to paid tools like Adobe, etc.

This is the best way for a student or any individual who cannot afford such costly tools or websites to satisfy their purpose.

Compared to such websites, PDFSimpli stands out as the best option with its ability to perform the task in seconds or in simple terms.

The task to be done using the website will be finished in significantly less time without complications or further tasks.

Sometimes this is also important as the expensive tools, even when purchased for premium services, sometimes post ads or third-party cookies, which further need more money to get higher premium packs, making users empty their pockets further.

What are the services provided by PDFSimpli?

PDFSimpli, similar to other conversion websites, provides easy access to convert the documents into many versions of pdf such as word, excel, png, etc. The available options are:

  • Convert PDF to Word
  • Convert Word to PDF
  • Convert PDF to JPG
  • Convert JPG to PDF
  • Convert PDF to PNG
  • Convert PNG to PDF
  • Convert TIFF to PDF
  • Convert PowerPoint to PDF
  • Convert Excel to PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Edit PDF
  • Watermark PDF
  • Rotate PDF
  • Sign PDF

These are advantageous to the website as many of the services are provided on different platforms by PDFSimpli contemporaries. The documents are converted in many formats like PDF, PNG, JPG, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

What does the PDFSimpli website describe itself as?

The PDFSimpli website promotes itself as one of the best in its business and claims that using the services can improve its users’ productivity.

The number of services provided is not only limited to the above list but also a few more as told by the website.

The extended versions of the services are varied in a wide range of all the conversions, inclusive of many other services such as

  • PDF to Word Conversion
  • Free PDF Conversion
  • PDF Software small business
  • Insurance PDF software
  • Medical PDF Software
  • Real Estate PDF Software
  • Human Resources PDF Software
  • Tax and Finance PDF Software
  • Legal PDF Software

These are some of the services the website provides for the user’s use based upon their product or use for the task to be done.

These services can be availed with an account, and the credentials need not necessarily be of premium service as, in most cases, it will be the same.

The user can choose the service and use it when required without having an account or credentials. It is this added advantage for the user compared to other websites providing the same service of conversion of documents.

Does PDFSimpli have any certifications to prove its standards?

Yes, the website PDFSimpli has numerous certifications which prove its authenticity and service standards compared to numerous other free websites.

These certifications are sometimes added as an asset for the user to choose the website over other sites as based upon the certifications, people come to the idea that the website can be regarded as believable along with the standards as many of such certifications are meant to have research on these websites to build up their credibility among the masses.

The various certifications, according to the website, are

  • Trust Spot
  • Trustpilot
  • Norton
  • SSL protection

These are some of the certifications provided to the website to prove their efficiency and the user trust in the website from all over the years of usage and also the trust for their website.

Are there other applications for the website?

Yes, the website PDFSimpli is also available in other mobile and PC apps where users can directly use the application without growing through the browsers and other search engines to use the services.

The mobile application, also known as SCANSimpli, is trending these days mainly from the student points of time as the app is the most user-friendly.

As earlier mentioned, the services provided by the website are also free. The app users are more advantageous as using the mobile service can be a viable option due to portability and the user’s compatibility to use it any place and for any purpose.

The easier access of using an app, exceptionally organized with a mobile app, can bring up many more advantages to the users as the app can do the same service or work for the user.

It will be more viable for the user to use the mobile app at any location, be it school, college, or any place of comfort.

The direct usage of the application without going through their browser is a significant advantage as users can use the services without going through all the web-related stuff or any advertisements.

Is the platform an utterly cost-free website?

No, the website PDFSimpli is not entirely free. It is mostly free for most services, such as converting documents from version to version.

But some services are chargeable from the website and also require the user to be registered for the site to access the services.

Most of the services related to the conversion of documents are free but up to a specific limit, such as the users can use the service for mostly from 5 to 15 conversions based upon the location and conversion level of the document.

This service threshold also changes sometimes due to many factors ranging from the location of the app usage, the number of times the user used the service, and the type of account the user created and registered.

For example, PDFSimpli ushers some discounts to student-level users and changes its price ranges depending on the user’s use.

Mainly the website has paid services for the user in tasks such as legal software editing, legal conversions of documents, and high-grade editing of files from jpg.

It also provides the services such as signing the documents online to make them look like original signed documents rather than a photoshopped edit.

Is PDFSimpli a safe application for using such services?

As the website is highly secured and has no privacy or data tracking issue, it makes the user pay for some premium services.

Unlike other websites providing the same services and demanding higher prices, the application successfully maintains minimal prices, which are most affordable for students and unemployed individuals. It is regarded as one of the most used websites for such uses of conversion of documents.

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