How Has Technology Impacted Car Accident Rates and Safety in 2023?

How Has Technology Impacted Car Accident Rates and Safety in 2023?

Technology is fascinating. It changes our lives in countless ways, and it gets crazier every single year. When it comes to driving, and the safety of operating a vehicle, technology has played a huge role. In this article, we’ll cover how technology has impacted car accident rates and safety during the last few years:

3 Tech Advancements that Have Made Driving More Safe

There have been many incredible driving technology improvements over the last decade. These amazing inventions have finessed drivers’ abilities to keep control of their vehicles and their surroundings. Three tech advancements, in particular, have made driving more safe:

1. Blind-Spot Warning Tech

Blind-spot warning systems, which warn drivers when another vehicle is in the adjacent lane but cannot be seen in the rearview or side mirrors, is another efficient crash avoidance device.

Blind-spot warning tech is crucial because it widens the driver’s circle of safety by alerting the driver to what is happening on each side of the car and reducing the risk of side swipes and collisions.

This detection tech has become a widely demanded tech inclusion for new vehicles sold in Waukegan thanks to these impressive capabilities.

2. Automatic High Beam Tech

Many consumers think automatic high beams are a feature worth having, and that they help them avoid dangerous nighttime driving situations.

Many safety organizations recommend these to be included in any new vehicle designs and attribute them to a decreased rate of auto accidents at night.

Furthermore, automatic high beam systems handle the operation of turning on and off the high beams. Curve-adaptive headlights, which illuminate the road in front of you even when you’re navigating curves, are another innovation.

Even while it is not quite as effective as automated emergency braking and front collision warning, it nevertheless offers a measurable gain in safety that, when used in conjunction with other driver assistance systems, may avoid even more accidents at night.

3. Front Automatic Emergency Brake System Tech

Front AEB, also known as front automatic emergency braking, is specifically made to lessen front-to-rear car collisions, which are the most frequent sort of collisions.

The technology has gained so much consumer trust that many people now expect it in every new car type they buy.

Drivers generally always leave AEB systems on as a result, which helps them avoid serious collisions more frequently.

3 Tech Advancements that Have Made Driving Less Safe

While the vast majority of technology in our lives has made life safer, this is not always the case when it comes to driving.

Three pieces of modern technology have actually made driving less safe and increased car accident rates:

1. Cell Phone Tech

One of the primary safety issues with modern technologies is driver distraction. Every year in the US, thousands of people pass away in accidents brought on by cell phone distractions.

Due to cell phone distraction, thousands more people suffer significant injuries or total their vehicles. Even in jurisdictions where texting while driving is prohibited, cell phones remain one of the most popular sources of driver distraction.

2. Driverless Car Tech

Autonomous or self-driving cars are promoted as safer substitutes for standard automobiles because they are said to be able to remove driver error.

However, human passengers who are meant to be paying attention and taking action to avert accidents when necessary have up until now been the cause of mishaps involving driverless cars.

Drivers can put too much faith in autonomous technology and neglect to take proactive steps to avoid collisions.

For this reason, many states are reassessing how they plan on handling the influx of driverless car tech that is sure to come about in the next few decades to decrease car accident rates.

3. Modern Screen Design Tech

A system combination utilized to deliver information and entertainment is known as an in-vehicle infotainment system. Modern vehicles have big infotainment screens integrated into the dashboard.

These technologies can be advantageous for a driver, but they can also be annoying.

Despite the caution against using mobile devices while driving, many motorists commit the error of taking their eyes off the road, which leads to collisions.

Many drivers actually dislike how distracting, and sometimes difficult to navigate, these modern screen designs are.

Safe Driving is Your Responsibility

Ultimately, being a safe and considerate driver is your responsibility.

Even if your car is decked out with all the latest safety features, distracted or irresponsible driving can lead you into danger at a moment’s notice.

By being careful when you’re behind the wheel, you’re keeping yourself, your passengers, and everyone else on the road safe in 2023.

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