How Augmented Reality Can Improve Your Customer Journey

How Augmented Reality Can Improve Your Customer Journey

AR is an acronym for “augmented reality,” which refers to a technology that uses digital information (visual, auditory, and sensory) to enhance a user’s perspective of the actual physical world.

It involves overlaying digital elements on the physical world through technological devices such as smartphone apps and specially designed glasses.

More people make use of augmented reality daily than they realize because AR technology is being adopted by a lot of companies today.

It has helped several brands and companies to improve how they interact and relate with their customers. In this article, we will examine how AR can enhance your customer journey and experience.

Practical Examples of Augmented Reality Technology

The following are examples of apps, brands, or establishments that make use of augmented reality technology:

  • Snapchat: Snapchat is a popular social media instant messaging app that makes use of augmented reality technology to overlay a virtual filter, mask, or background on a person’s picture.
  • Google glass: This pair of eyeglasses doubles as an android device that uses augmented reality technology (visual, audio, and motion) to display information in the field of vision of its user.
  • Target app: Target, America’s seventh largest retailer, has an app feature called “See it in your space.” This app feature uses augmented reality technology to allow users to see how an object or item from the store will look in their home by taking a picture of the space.
  • Pokemon Go: This is a famous mobile game that employs augmented reality technology to make Pokemon creatures appear in the environment of its users.
  • S Military: The U.S military uses augmented reality technology in some of their equipment. For example, an eyepiece called TAR (Tactical augmented reality) is attached to their helmets.

How Can AR Improve Customer Journey?

There are a lot of AR benefits in retail today that can help improve customer experience. AR enhances the customer journey right from the pre-sale phase to the post-sale phase. The following are ways through which AR can improve customer journey:

  • Convenience: With AR, customers do not always have to visit a physical store or showroom before they purchase your products. Customers can have a good look at your products and buy them from the comfort of their homes.
  • Easier and faster decision-making: When shopping for new furniture or home appliances, many people use their imaginations to decide if the product is a good fit for their home. They might end up buying something they will end up not using or avoid buying something that would have fitted perfectly. With AR technology, customers can project furniture or other appliances in 3D to check how they fit in their homes. This allows customers to make easier and faster decisions while shopping.
  • Satisfaction: AR makes trying items before buying them more interesting because customers can try products digitally before making a purchase. This ensures that customers get the product they order, leading to satisfaction.
  • Enhanced shopping experience: Customers can find desired products and get more information on their use with augmented reality technology.
  • Improved customer support: AR technology helps to resolve issues agent-customer issues in no time, and this increases customer confidence in a product or brand.

Augmented reality technology is here to stay, and it can help to improve the lives and experiences of your customers.

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