Top Popular Apps 2022: The Best Apps And Games For IOS And Android

Top Popular Apps 2022: The Best Apps And Games For IOS And Android

Are you looking for the most popular apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone? With so many applications, it’s not always easy to keep track. We present the 10 top popular apps from the App Store and Google Play Store for July.

If you own a smartphone, you probably have some apps installed. WhatsApp or Facebook is part of the essential equipment for many users, but of course, one or the other game.

Finding popular applications in the App Store or Google Play Store can sometimes be quite tedious, given the mass of apps.

So that you can find out more quickly which apps are top-rated at the moment and should not be missing on your mobile phone, we present the 10 top popular apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Microsoft has bundled its Office programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint into a single app. The new application is called “Microsoft Office”. You can now download it for free from the Play Store.

The White Door

The White Door is a new adventure game. In this, you wake up as Robert Hill in a psychiatric hospital. Hill can’t remember anything. Guide you through the day, discover his dreams and help him regain his memory.

Nvidia GeForce Now

You can now use the game streaming service “Nvidia GeForce Now” on your Android device. The app is now available to download from the Google Play Store.

Slap Kings

In the new mobile game “Slap Kings”, you distribute juicy slaps in the face. You can now download the mobile game for free.


Do you drive your partner to insanity with your snoring? Then take a look at the new app “SnoreGym”. The app suggests exercises to help you strengthen your tongue, palate, cheeks and jaw to reduce snoring.

ADAC Camping / Pitch 2020

The ADAC has renewed its app for campers and RV drivers, “ADAC Camping / Stellplatz”, and published the version for 2020. With the application, which costs 4.99 euros, you can find campsites and parking spaces all over Europe in no time.

Super Bus Arena: Modern Bus Simulator 2020

Are you also looking for a new simulation game? Then get behind the wheel of a bus in the new Android game Super Bus Arena: Modern Bus Simulator 2020.

Draw Climber

Do you want to pass the time with a new mobile game? Then take a look at “Draw Climber”. Run through an obstacle course in the arcade game and draw legs on your character to win the race.

RealPro – The benefit program

The retail chain real has a new app. With “realPro – The benefits program”, you can sometimes save a lot of money. According to their statements, there is a 20 per cent discount on food, drinks including wines and beers, pet food, beauty and drugstore items or a 10 per cent discount on spirits.

Forza Street

The famous racing game series Forza is now available for mobile devices. From now on, you can download the game “Forza Street” for Android and iOS. The game is free but offers additional in-app purchases.

The top popular apps of all time

Of course, month after month, there are also many old acquaintances in the app charts in the app stores. Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. have become integral to the top 10. Therefore, below we show you the ten most popular apps which should not be missing on your smartphone or tablet.




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