iPhone Tricks : Know About Additional Settings And Functions Of iPhone

iPhone Tricks : Know About Additional Settings And Functions Of iPhone

There are many more hidden features and additional settings, which we discussed in our iphone tricks article.

An iPhone hack from 2015 only reached many consumers three years later and caused enthusiasm. An eternal enemy of the iPhone new, old iPhone hack is currently wowing the Twitter world.

iPhone users often have problems with their fingers placing the cursor where it should go. The trick: iPhone users can navigate the cursor directly if the space bar remains pressed.

This makes fumbling around in messages or e-mails a thing of the past. They tested six additional settings and functions on the iPhone to make everyday smartphone use more efficient.

Trick 1: Shake iPhone

Today’s social media addict is often far ahead of their fingers when typing messages. One mistake chases the next.

You can shake the iPhone to erase bad words. If what was written was correct, it can be bounced back. So this hack is an undo function. It is one of the easiest iphone tricks

Trick 2: Make a point with the spacebar

What accidentally happened to many iPhone users originally had a practical purpose. If you press the spacebar twice quickly, the system scores a point. This trick saves time and ensures a good writing flow.

Trick 3: Take photos while filming

Sometimes it has to be fast. But what is best for capturing the snapshot, a video, or a photo? Answer: both! Since iOS 7, iPhone owners have been able to take pictures while recording a movie.

Straightforward with the white record button. The resolution of the photos is lower, but it is enough for the in-laws.

Trick 4: The mom mode

The iPhone set “Do Not Disturb” delivers what it promises. If the function is activated, the device automatically mutes calls and notifications. However, specific contacts can be exempted from this.

In addition, the setting “repeated calls” can be added to the menu. Callers who try twice within three minutes to get to the receiver are put through. This guarantees a carefree sleep.

Trick 5: Analyze consumer behavior

The so-called “screen time” is a tool with which you can visualize your monotony. The consumer behavior of the iPhone user is analyzed and displayed, where the most time is spent.

Time limits can be set when tapping on individual apps within the settings. Parents can also use this hack to protect their offspring from excessive mobile phone use.

Trick 6: Dim the flashlight

To extend the iPhone’s battery life, the flashlight function’s light intensity can be reduced. All you have to do is swipe up.

Press the flashlight icon firmly on the interface that appears, and then the light can be dimmed. One user seems to have been defeated: the cursor. We tested six other valuable features and settings.

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