Data Security : Know The Tips And How Important It Is

Data Security : Know The Tips And How Important It Is

Privacy and data security are essential, especially for startups that rely on many digital tools and processes. This article gives you crucial tips on how to increase the security of your data.

What is data security?

Data security means the general protection of data. A possible personal reference is irrelevant. Existing data must be protected so it cannot be leaked, stolen or illegally deleted. This is very important for companies today.

Data at risk from attacks

They occur more and more frequently and no longer only affect large areas or companies. Data attacks are the new bank robbery variants, are the most influential industrial espionage and, unfortunately, always the playful challenge by hackers.

loss of trust

Customers and business customers lose trust in a company when personal data is lost. It is enough if unwanted advertising emails are suddenly sent to the customer’s email address.

Data theft causes significant scandals, and none of the companies involved can claim this as positive PR.

Direct harm to your customers

Data stolen from your own company can lead to damage to the customer. Hackers often use the data for online purchases or other orders.

Tip 1 for better data security: Knowledge is power

The most significant risk factor in a company is the people themselves. That is why you should present the topic of data protection to your employees as necessary at an early stage, implement it in your processes and update it again and again.

training for employees

Employees must be properly and continuously trained. While IT experts tend to shrug their shoulders regarding phishing, hundreds of phishing emails are opened daily – sometimes with severe consequences. Who else remembers the fake invoice a fraudster sent as a Word file?

Avoid carelessness

It is precisely these that employees – and founders – must constantly take action against. It is careless to drag data onto the USB stick and leave it on the table.

It is just as wild to use the company network on the train, plane or in a café without paying attention to who is looking at the screen.

By making clear from the outset the dangers that arise from the processed data and the responsibility that every employee has here, you ensure the attention and thus mindfulness of your employees. Regular communication on the topic ensures that it is not forgotten.

Tip 2 for better data security: Use VPN

The VPN is an important asset. Ultimately, it should already be used in private settings, but it is even more important in companies.

Secure company network with VPN

The entire IT of the company should only be accessed via VPN. At the same time, it is also sealed off from the outside.

A VPN (short for virtual private network) is a closed logical network in which users are physically separated from each other and have a connection via an IP tunnel.

Especially when working on the go: VPN

More and more companies are making home offices possible, and many companies have field staff. In both cases, the VPN is essential because, especially when an employee logs on via free WLAN hotspots, it can never be said who is reading and intercepting data.

A founder should control external server access, which is only possible via a VPN. There are now various VPN models, although, from a company’s point of view, purely online-based solutions are not suitable for employees unless the server is protected.

Online protection is only set up after activation and must be initiated separately. Many employees may forget this step before starting work.

Tip 3: Equipment

One aspect of data security is the equipment of the employees. It is often the case that they are allowed to work with personal devices from home or on the go.

However, a founder only has a limited right to determine personal devices. In short: no founder can prevent an employee or his family from going to a contaminated website – and the employee himself later accessing the company server. Hence:

No personal devices for work

In principle, every employee should be provided with all necessary work equipment by the company. With this alone, you ensure security, in which the employees do not mix their private with their job resources.

Secure your work laptop well

The work equipment provided can be correctly secured before it is handed over to the employee. This way, the VPN can be installed immediately and activated when you start it.

If papers are required in a company, suitcase trolleys or other storage means are ideal. They also make it possible to move files safely from one place to another.

Tip 4: Data backup

The company is hacked. Everything is idle, and the blackmailer demands a large sum of money. Alternatively, all the data is gone.

This threat is not fiction but occurred in dozens of countries this year. Of course, an entrepreneur can never rule out becoming a victim, but he can ensure that the fiasco is not too great.

Daily backup of your data

The critical company and customer data are backed up daily. This was normal because huge backup tapes were inserted every evening – and only overwritten a week later.

Proper data backup

Of course, the data backup must not occur on the same server or the same disks on which the primary data is located. If you shake your head now: there are enough people who save the data backup of their laptops on their hard drives.

Tip 5: Security instead of savings

Many programs are no longer installed but are used in the cloud version. Data backup also often takes place in the cloud.

Founders now have to choose their business partners carefully because they, too, must comply with the valid General Data Protection Regulation and demonstrate a high level of security.

Everyone knows this is not always the case, even in large companies, since Facebook and all other services went down.

Conclusion – Data security is a valuable asset

Data security is a relatively dry topic that many companies and founders are reluctant to touch. But it is essential since founders no longer manage their children’s photos but other people’s data.

In addition, secrets and ideas in the company should certainly not be given to the competition. Fortunately, data security can be ensured quite well with a few tricks, whereby human vulnerability is always retained.

Hence training is essential – also for the founder. Visiting social networks from the company computer should always be prevented. The company’s corresponding social media supervisors are excluded from this, but their computers should not be able to access the entire company network. Better safe than sorry.

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