Add Me To Search : How To Create Your Own Virtual Google People Card

Add Me To Search : How To Create Your Own Virtual Google People Card

The query “add me to search” is being searched a lot among the people using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., as every person’s curiosity to find themselves in a search engine prompts some details is a big thing.

This curiosity made many individuals open accounts that can make the display the person’s profile based on social media or any accounts that display the person’s details, such as images of the person or links of their created profiles on the Google, etc.


It is different for each search engine. Most users, except for China, prefer to google over many search engines as the statistics are meant for the most used search engine worldwide.

In this article, you can find the detailed steps in Google for the time being. As the steps are briefly described on the google page, this article tries to clarify them for everyday users by providing information in layman’s terms.

Before going to steps on how to add, one should know what this is “add me to search.” So that it would be an easy task to do, steps in may be creating required social media handles or Google accounts, and those accounts with permissions accepted would be available on the display section of the Google engine when searched with keywords.

It does not always resonate with Gmail accounts but with social media handles related to the Google


As mentioned above, the steps are mainly mentioned for the google, and to the remaining search engines, upon request, we can bring up the complete details further.

The steps are taken from the google help pages and discussed in detail for the user’s satisfaction and clarification.

  • The “add me to search” will prompt you to set up a google people card which, if created, helps in bringing out the required details of the person, only the displayable details but not the data of the individual, as the Google will be taking the data of the user only based on guarding the privacy of user’s data. So, the first step would be:
  • The creation of a people card: This people card, in general terms, can be defined as any account of the user or customer related to the google or google browser. In this particular step, there is the whole process of setting up the necessary details of a personal search options display. The creation of an account can be done either by mobile using the google browser or the google search application on your personal computer. The app can be found through the following link and the Google Search app.
  • If any of the mentioned browser or Google apps are not available on your preferred device, be it a mobile, Tab, P.C., or laptop, one can download the app from the android play store for free, where the application will be available at free of cost to be downloaded and instantly will be available on the device, and needs registration for the creation of a new account.


  • Once the application is downloaded or available instantly, the next step is to create an account, which then generates your credentials which need to be saved for further use by the user. These credentials will help use many other applications provided by the search engine or, for that matter, the browser.
  • The next step is to go on to the google search app and then search the engine with the name you want to search. As for our article, if we consider that you need to have your name on the search results, we must first type the name and then click enter.
  • After entering the required person’s name on the search bar, you can get an option of asking if you are interested in adding your name to the search by the “add me to search.”
  • When we click on that, the search engine will either redirect to a page to fill in your details or prompts us to click on some options to fulfill the criteria.
  • Suppose either of the things mentioned earlier is done. In that case, it will ask to fill in details like the profession or education or any other qualifications of the person which are eligible to be displayed as someone’s information on the search results of the search bar.
  • The prompt will generally be “add me to google” or “edit your people card,” which is the card or account that contains every detail of the person but gives only the required parts on the display section.


  • In this step, after fulfilling the above steps, the search engine asks the user to “Get Started,” from where the user needs to set up the search card account.
  • The details mostly ask the user to fill in content related to

– Summary


-Educational Institution.

  • After filling in these details, the google search browser asks the user to have a preview or a last look before submission of the card. This is the last stage where the user can change the content according to their preferred content.
  • Once the users reach satisfaction with the resulted content, the card details need to be submitted to the google search engine so that they can be processed and available for the necessary display of the information.


The user’s content on the “add me to search” should oblige to some community guidelines of the search engine. These guidelines must be followed by everyone who wants their name to be on the Google SERP results.

Some of the guidelines which are needed to be followed by the users are:

  • Content should be only about the user. Nothing more than the user profile should be out of context like it should not be mentioned about any other person’s details. The content should be only about who you are, what you do, etc.
  • The most famous people cards when you go through another person’s search engines, the distinguished details are mostly their hometown details or professional details.
  • It is also essential for the user to maintain an up-to-date profile of the card, as the google algorithm updates every day and needs to be in significantly updated content of the user.


The main reason Google or, in that case, any search engine asks the users to follow the community guidelines is to maintain friendly and easily accessible, and easily sharable content to all of the viewing community.

This reason makes the content look better and helps to reach more people. If such a case is not satisfied, creating an account is inappropriate for the search engine to publish at their reputation cost.

Suppose any user or account creator does not accommodate these guidelines. In that case, the google immediately removes the people’s card, and if the same issue repeats further, it also considers completely blocking the Ip of the devices used.

So, it is better to respect the guidelines of the google for the account details to be intact in the search results.

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